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Online Java Games

Here is our collection of online java games. They are all hosted on this server and are completely free to play. Click your mouse on the picture of the game that you want to play.

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java basketball game Java Basketball Game
See how many times you can get the ball in the basket by bouncing it off the side walls.
big gun java game Big Gun Free Java Game
There are 5 levels in this free online java game. You need to use your tank to defeat your enemies and destroy the enemy headquarters in the final level.
Don's Dugout - Java Game Don's Dugout - Java Game
Don is only armed with a bicycles pump so he needs your help to get rid of his unwelcome visitors - the piglets and the dragons.
the tower of Hanoi game The Tower of Hanoi
The object in this java game is to move all of the discs to the right-hand tower in as few moves as possible.
bridges java logic game Bridges - Java Logic Game
You have to create a red line which goes from the one side of the board to the other before your computer can complete a blue line from the top to the bottom.
Tic-Tac-Toe Game Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Play tic-tac-toe against your computer.
Squares Game Squares Game
The aim of this free online game is for a player to enclose as many squares as possible while preventing the other player from doing the same thing.
Abalis Game - Free Online Java Game Abalis Game - Free Online Java Game
You need to destroy the other spaceships and missiles before they hit you.
Tux On The Run Game Tux On The Run
Help Tux the penguin collect the gold coins and the gems while avoiding his enemies.
Defender of the Moon - Online Java Game Defender of the Moon - Online Java Game
Defend the moon against the attacking spaceships by destroying them with your laser cannon.

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