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Online Flash Games - 4

This is page 4 of online flash games. All these free online games are hosted on this server. Simply click your mouse on the picture of the game that you want to play.

The Naval Gun Game The Naval Gun Game
Defend your base from the enemies. Shoot missiles to destroy the enemy submarines and blow up the enemy planes before they can damage your base.
The Floats Game The Floats Game
Click on all the floats in ascending order to make them disappear from the board, before the time runs out.
Fly Catcher Game Fly Catcher Game
Control the frog to make it jump into the air and catch all the flies without hitting poison bottle to proceed to the next level.
Surreal Snowball - Free Online Flash Game Surreal Snowball - Free Online Flash Game
Try and score as many points as you can by throwing snowballs at everything that moves.
Motorbike Racing Game Motorbike Racing Game
In the motorbike racing game you have to complete all three laps of the racetrack in the fastest time to beat the other drivers and win the race.
The Asteroid Field Game The Asteroid Field Game
Destroy the asteroids with your guns before they hit your spaceship. You do not need to destroy every asteroid.
Kick Ups - Flash Game Kick Ups - Flash Game
You need to try and keep the football up in the air for as long as you possibly can.
The Jungle Escape Game The Jungle Escape Game
Get the key then jump up through the levels to get to the top while avoiding the gaps and bats.
Swuffle - Flash Game Swuffle - Flash Game
The objective is to rotate the blocks to get four blocks of the same color to form the four corners of a square.
The Hungry Monkey Game The Hungry Monkey Game
Help KoKo the hungry monkey to gather fruit and avoid being injured by the large objects or bitten by the snakes.

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