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Online Flash Games - 3

This is page 3 of free online flash games. All these games are hosted on this server and are completely free to play. Simply click your mouse on the picture of the game that you want to play.

flash helicopter game Helicopters Battle
Fly your helicopter and shoot down the large number of enemy helicopters. Be careful not to be shot down yourself.
Cricket Practice Game Cricket Practice Game
Test your batting skills as you aim for the targets to score runs in this flash cricket practice game.
flash golf game Mini Putt 3 - Free Online Flash Golf Game
The object in this free online flash golf game is to putt the golf ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. There are 18 holes to play.
flash helicopter game Border - Flash Helicopter Game
Your mission is to fly your helicopter over the enemy soldiers and tanks and shoot at them while avoiding being shot down by their missiles.
golf solitaire card game Golf Solitaire Card Game
The object in this golf solitaire card game is to move all of the cards to the bottom pile in as few moves as possible.
flash airplane game Dangerous Night - Airplane Game
Defend your country by shooting down the enemy airplanes using the guns on your airplane.
flash fish game Big Fish - Online Flash Game
In this flash game you are a big red fish and you have to swim around eating all of the small fish, but avoid being eaten yourself by the other big fish.
p Penguinoids - Flash Game
Move the see-saw to the correct position for the penguin to land on it and then bounce up and hit the ice blocks above it.
Bug - Puzzle Game Bug - Puzzle Game
Push the orange eggs that are spread all over the maze into the nests. There are 100 levels to solve in this game.
Bubbles Game - The Adventures of Bob Bubbles Game - The Adventures of Bob
Help Bob the fish, pop as many bubbles as possible in just 30 seconds.

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