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Defender of the Moon - Online Java Game

The object in this free online java space game is to defend the moon against the attacking spaceships. You do this by destroying the enemy spaceships with your laser cannon.

Instructions: Click your mouse anywhere on the game to start playing. Move your tank using the Cursor Left / Right keys. Aim your cannon with the mouse. Click it to fire a laser beam.

Your weapon energy is displayed in the upper left part of the console and your score is displayed below it. The Radar in the center (the green rectangle) shows all the enemy spaceships. The spaceships which are draining energy are shown in red. The remaining energy of the base is in the upper right part of the console. As soon as this energy falls to zero, the game is over.

If you destroy an alien attack sphere (note that it needs several hits to be destroyed) you will get one of three powerups:
W - Weapon Energy: Your laser will refill much faster.
S - Speed: Your tank move will much faster.
E - Energy: This will refill the base's energy.

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