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wOne - Free Online Flash Game

The object in the wOne - free online flash game is to to make the wheel roll so that it will knock over the barrels and the stars. There are six different levels for you to play.

Instructions: Allow time for the flash game to load in your browser. Click your mouse on the light grey "PLAY" button. Next, click your mouse on which of the five levels you want to play (you cannot play level six until you have successfully completed all the others). Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to make the wheel go back and forwards to gain speed. The up arrow zooms you in, and the down arrow zooms you out. The number of barrels and stars you have still to knock over are shown at the top right of the game area.

When you have knocked all of them over you need to go to the exit. You can then choose the next level you want to play.

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