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Air Space Defence - Free Online Flash Game

In the air space defence free online flash game you need to destroy the enemy helicopters which are invading your air space. You do this with the guns on your helicopter.

Instructions: Wait for the flash game to load and then click your mouse on the white "START GAME " to begin playing. The red helicopter is yours. Use your mouse to control the your helicopter - click your mouse to fire your guns. The arrow keys on your computer keyboard allow you to change your position.

You start the game with six lives (helicopters). To destroy the enemy helicopters with your guns you need to be at the same height as them - the "s" key makes you go lower and the "w" key higher. Note that they can only destroy you when they are at the same height as you. You score 50 points for each blue helicopter you destroy, and 70 for each green one. Hitting one of the grey spying satellites will gain you a life.

The game is over when, either you allow 30 helicopters to reach their target, or have used up all of your lives.

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