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Chess Store - The Trompowsky The Easy Way - Chess Software - Teaching and Learning

chess store - The Trompowsky The Easy Way - Chess Software - Teaching and Learning

Chess Store - Item #: 480462218 - Chess Software - Teaching and Learning

The Trompowsky The Easy Way - Thirty years ago the Trompowski opening was almost totally unknown. It took a few spectacular games by Rafael Vaganian to bring 2 Bg5 into the limelight and after that the die was cast. Today 1 d4 Nf6 2 Bg5 is used by many of the best players in the world and a whole body of complicated theory has built up. In this fascinating DVD International Master Andrew Martin traces the history of the opening from those early days through the ''golden age'' of the late 1980 s and 1990 s and shows how the theory and ideas have evolved into the sharp and dangerous weapon that the Trompowski undoubtedly is today. Martin simplifies the theory of 2005 and creates an easy to understand repertoire for the White player that recaptures the pioneering spirit of those early days...with interest! He argues conclusively that 2 Bg5 can still lead to original chess. Games from Vaganian Hodgson Bellon Miladanovic McShane Ivanchuk and a whole cast of excellent players help to demonstrate why. Andrew Martin is 47 years old and lives in Sandhurst England with his wife and four children. He has written several best selling chess books including the recent ''King s Indian Battle Plans'' and ''Secret Weapons''. He writes for and has several monthly columns at and for CHESS magazine. He is a noted trainer and coach. System requirements: Pentium Processor at 300 MHZ or higher 64 MB RAM Windows 98 SE Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Media Player 9.0 DVD drive Media: CD Developer: ChessBase Category: Opening Training

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